About us

Hi and welcome to my updated and made over website. After running my wedding planning business for several years, and helping numerous couples enjoy the perfect wedding, it was finally my turn!

Now as an expectant mum to be, I have decided to revamp my website to instead of offering pre wedding advice, I would start offering post wedding advice.

After most weddings there is a new house or maybe as in my case a new baby to think about, and as such everything changes. I hope this blog can be informative to anyone in a situation similar to my own. I am on a steep learning curve, with a new baby to consider and a house to renovate. Thankfully my husband is able to do most of the work on the house, but I intend to be involved in the planning and organising wherever possible.

Please feel free to contact me and send me your own stories to include on the site, this way we can all benefit and learn along the way

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