Designing Bathroom Suites in Small Bathrooms


It’s true what they say…. when you own a house, you will always have something to do, repairs, renovations and improvements. Now it’s time for the downstairs cloakroom/toilet.

Being a small room, it needs to be well planned and smaller than normal fittings installed. Luckily one of my friends friends friends has a bathroom and wet room design and installation business, so I called him in for advice and a quote.

The thought of a bathroom suite to many people often invokes thoughts of wide, luxurious rooms with many fixtures, deep tubs and all types of accessories. But having a smaller bathroom doesn’t imply that you should forget about the comforts a bathroom suite has to offer. Today, there are tons of ways to maximize the little space you have to create a relaxing and appealing bathroom.

You might want to take a look at some of these ways which clearly show how you can fit bathroom suites into your small fitted bathroom.
Replacing your tub with a walk-in shower

Here’s an easy way you can streamline your fitted bathroom while giving it a touch of style and luxury. Walk-in showers have gained popularity as fixtures of modern bathroom suites for a number of reasons. To begin with, they only need a fraction of the space initially taken up a traditional tub and shower combination. In addition, they are safer and convenient for older people and those with conditions that seem to make it difficult to either climb in or out of a tub. Also, they are very easy to maintain.

Wall-mounted sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are yet another attractive feature of bathroom suites that seems to work fine in small spaces. If your fitted bathroom seems to be lacking space for cabinets or a vanity counter, this particular option will do just as fine. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can opt for a round, soft, sharp or square one. Pedestal sinks also work fine just like wall-mounted sinks.

Besides these two, here are also other ways you can save space in a main bathroom.

• Cloakroom suites- If you main bathroom is quite small, you might want to consider cloakroom suites. Cloakroom suites are specifically designed for small spaces.

• Vanity units with built-in sinks and toilets- If you seem to have plenty of items that need to be hidden away, then you can use vanity units with built in sinks and toilets. They are a great option when you need to save space and will also give a lovely look to your fitted bathroom.

bathroom-designing• Shower baths- It’s safe to say that every small bathroom needs shower baths. Shower baths are basically any bath with a shower fitted over it. Shower baths have plenty of space and they widen out at one end to offer you a spacious showering area. There are various shapes to choose from, from L-shaped, p-shaped or corner bath. Corner baths, besides being able to save space, also look stylish in any fitted bathroom.

Generally, there are multiple bathroom suites you can always choose from to suit your style, taste, and preferences.

Other few sections you might also have to consider include:

• Wall fixtures- note that free standing unit take up so much space as opposed to wall fixtures.
• Huge mirrors will reflect light and even make the room to look quite bigger.
With all these many bathroom suites, one needs not to worry about having a small fitted bathroom. Everything you need to transform it and make it look luxurious, stylish, and comfortable is right here before you. All you have to do is put into consideration all that we’ve highlighted.

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