DIY tips to baby proof your home

how-to-baby-proof-homeIt goes without saying how important it is to baby proof your home, but it gets expensive at times. I am always looking for inexpensive ways to get things done and keep a little more money in my pocket.

There are many ideas on youtube that people have posted, so I suggest you do as I did and spend 10 minutes browsing through to get ideas.

I have posted one of the videos that I found useful below this post, but there are many, and each has a good idea or two that they have posted.

Keeping your child safe is a full time occupation, there are so many opportunities for them to get hold of the wrong thing or get into a dangerous situation.

My parents tell of a time when I had just learned to walk, mum was making dinner and dad just walked in from work. There was a loud bang and all of the electric in the house fused. I had been playing with a small metal spoon, and somehow managed to push it behind the electric wall plug, luckily rubbing against the earth pin before hitting the live. We had that spoon for years, it had a big black hole in one side. How lucky was I?

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This image also has some of the danger points that we need to remember

baby proofing your house

If you have thought of something that is not covered and we should know about, please contact me using the form on this website and I will post it at a later date.

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